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Growing Business

Nevada’s economy has long depended on the hospitality, gaming, and tourism industry, accounting for about a quarter of the state’s gross domestic product and employment. However, this industry is also vulnerable to external shocks, such as recessions, natural disasters, health crises, and changing consumer preferences. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how devastating such shocks can be for Nevada’s economy and people, as the state experienced the highest unemployment rate in the nation and a sharp decline in tax revenues.‍

Diversifying Nevada’s Economy

Expanding and attracting more industries to Nevada means more jobs, income, and stability for our state. It also means enhancing the skills and education of Nevada’s workforce to meet the demands of these industries. More than 30 opportunities across seven sectors have been identified for economic diversification, including advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, health and medical services, information technology, logistics and operations, natural resource technologies, tourism, gaming, and entertainment.

I have the experience and know-how to increase upskilling opportunities and bring new business to Nevada. I know the policies and laws that block access to post-secondary training programs and will make it his mission to end outdated legislation standing in the way of career pathways to high-demand, high-paying jobs and attracting more companies to Nevada.

Business Environment

While Nevada is known for no corporate and individual income taxes, our convoluted licensing and regulation system puts unnecessary burdens on business owners, keeps businesses away, and acts as a barrier to entry for new entrepreneurs. Nevada ranks as one of the most oppressive states as far as licensing burdens, with 31% of our workforce needing government approval to work. On top of that, the high licensing cost (Nevada is the 2nd most expensive) and over-regulation make it difficult for Nevadans to start a business while deterring other businesses from relocating to Nevada. As an entrepreneur, I know which laws don’t make sense and must be changed to grow business in Nevada.

My SAGE Plan (Streamlining Access to Growth and Entrepreneurship) will reduce the cost, ease the licensing process, eliminate outdated regulations, remove the requirement for certain local businesses to get a license in every jurisdiction.

As your State Senator, I will OPPOSE new taxes on business, and will champion and support legislation that:

  1. Reduces the Cost of Starting a Business in Nevada
  2. Simplifies the Business Registration Process
  3. Removes Outdated and Pointless Regulations
  4. Increases Access to Postsecondary Training Programs
  5. Provides a Roadmap that Futureproofs Nevada's Economy Through Diversification and Planning