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Get Involved

Get Involved

"I am excited for the opportunity to represent District 18 as your State Senator. To make it happen, I am committed meeting as many people as possible to hear ideas and talk about the issues. I can't do it alone, though. You can get involved by hosting and attending events, getting a yard sign, volunteering, and becoming a fundraiser. Be part of the grassroots movement to elect me as your next Senator for District 18." - Josh Leavitt

Fighting For Nevada

Sign up for updates and opportunities to join Josh Leavitt as he fights to:

  • Grow Nevada Businesses
  • Cut Government Spending
  • Secure Voter Rights
  • Protect the Second Amendment
  • Create Jobs
  • Improve Education and School Safety

I want to Get Involved by:

*Host a grassroots information session at your business or home with colleagues, friends, and family. Josh wants to hear from the community and be accessible for any questions anyone may have.
Thank you for getting involved! More information is coming your way!
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Josh changed Nevada policy on cryptocurrency and is the first candidate in Nevada to accept cryptocurrency donations! Learn More

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