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Ending Sanctuary Cities

I am often asked about illegal immigration. My stance is that States must protect their residents when the Federal Government fails to do its job. That's why I support the Governor of Texas and his strong actions in securing his state's border from illegal crossing.

The Center for Immigration Studies has designated parts of Nevada as Sanctuary Areas due in part to a U.S. District Court in California ruling preventing law enforcement from holding suspected illegal aliens for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). That decision led to a 2019 LVMPD policy ending cooperation with ICE, immediately turning Las Vegas into a Sanctuary City.

(Center for Immigration Studies Map of Sanctuary Regions)

Illegal immigration is a State issue that can only be solved with laws requiring law enforcement to work with U.S. Immigration agencies when suspected illegal aliens with federal warrants are arrested. That is how we end policies that make parts of Nevada a sanctuary state. And that is how we do our part in fighting illegal immigration.

I am strong advocate of due process, human rights, family unity, and building trust between local law enforcement and immigrant populations. As your State Senator, he will fight for legislation that:

  1. Ends Sanctuary Cities
  2. Protects Against Unlawful Seizure and Harassment
  3. Allows Law Enforcement to Work with Federal Immigration Agencies in Situations like Criminal Warrants