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Election Integrity

Voter fraud is a serious problem that can undermine the legitimacy and credibility of elections. Voter ID is a policy that requires voters to present a valid form of identification before casting their ballots in elections. It prevents voter fraud, such as impersonating another voter, voting multiple times, or voting with false or outdated information that can affect the outcome of elections.

In Nevada, a person only needs to sign a name.

It just makes common sense that proving one's identity can deter and detect these illegal voting activity behaviors and protect the integrity and legitimacy of elections.  In security, the question is never "If" it's "When." As a CIO in charge of organization security, I set preventive measures to protect assets instead of waiting for a compromise. The State needs to act the same with elections. This is why I will support Voter ID legislation in Nevada while ensuring all eligible voters can participate in the democratic process. As your State Senator, I will champion and support legislation that:

  1. Requires ID to Vote
  2. Increases Criminal Penalties for Voter Fraud